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Bill Gibson, CPS-II – Executive Director

Bill Gibson is a former police officer and District Attorney General who has personally witnessed the evolution of the drug epidemic in Putnam County. Bill oversees the development of the coalition and assures the implementation of the strategic prevention framework action plan. He is a graduate of the CADCA National Coalition Institute and is certified by SAMSHA as a Substance Abuse Prevention Specialist Trainer.

Amy Gibson- Director of Prevention, DFC Grant Coordinator

Nora Anderson- PFS Grant Coordinator

Morgan Tate- Youth Coordinator

Mateo Huerta- DEC Grant Coordinator

Alec Nelson- SPF-PFS Putnam County Coordinator

Jessica Raines- SPF-PFS Jackson County Coordinator

Rob Frazier, BS, CPRS - Media Strategist/DEC 

Makiah Prince- ECG Grant Coordinator

Colby Lane- Lifeline Project Coordinator

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