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Myths About Alcohol

Myth 1: Come on. Everybody my age drinks!

You’re wrong! We asked kids your age in Putnam County and only about 20% of them have ever tried alcohol even once. Only 12% have tried it more than once. However, 31% had ridden in a car with someone who was drinking. Not smart!

Myth 2: I thought some alcohol was healthy for you.

Wrong again. Beer, wine and hard liquor all have pure alcohol content – another name is ethanol. That’s right, the stuff you pump into your car at the gas station.

Myth 3: If I just try alcohol once, it’s not so bad.

Wrong. If you drink before age 15, you’re four times more likely to become addicted.

Myth 4: Most people my age drink alcohol.

Sorry! 65% of 12th graders and 83% of 8th graders DON’T DRINK! So, if you choose not to drink, you’re not alone.

Myth 5: Drinking makes me more fun at parties.

Yeah, if you think puking in the toilet is fun. Your brain is just fooling you with the alcohol haze.

Myth 6: Alcohol helps me get through my problems.

Alcohol only hides your problems for a short time. When you stop drinking, the problems are still there, only bigger. It’s better to talk to a friend.

Myth 7: I act smarter and more hip when I drink.

You only think so. Your real friends will tell you how stupid you acted when you were drinking.

Myth 8: It’s not illegal for someone under 21 to drink alcohol, as long as you don’t buy it yourself.

No Way! It is illegal for anyone under 21 to buy or have alcohol. You could pay a heavy fine or lose your driver’s license permanently.

Myth 9: Nobody really dies from alcohol unless you drink and drive.

Hello! More than 25% of emergency room visits are for using alcohol with drugs. Mixing alcohol and drugs is extremely dangerous and can lead to accidental death.

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