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Drug Endangered Children



The National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children defines drug endangered children as children who are at risk of suffering physical, mental or emotional harm as a result of parent or caregiver legal or illegal substance misuse. They may also be children whose caretaker’s legal or illegal substance use interferes with the caretaker’s ability to parent and provide a safe and nurturing environment.

Quick Facts

  • More than 9 million children live in homes where a parent or other adult uses illegal drugs. 

  • Drug Endangered Children are 3x more likely to be physically, sexually, or verbally abused.

  • Drug Endangered Children are 4x more likely to be neglected. 

What POP is doing about it: 

  • Power of Putnam is collaborating with multiple sectors within the community to tackle this problem and reduce the trauma commonly caused by these adverse childhood experiences. We have partnered with the police department and schools using Handle With Care, a training to encourage understanding of children that have recently been through a traumatic experience. 

    Power of Putnam is also working to disseminate information within the community to make them aware of this very important issue and who to contact to make a difference. 

  Check out our new Family Resources page. 


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