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FAQ’s with Mr. Know-It-All

Q: Isn’t it okay if I only drink one drink just to be part of the crowd?

Mr. Know-It-All Says: Drinking makes you do things that look stupid. You can be stupid or be smart. Either way, it’s your choice.

Q: How can I KNOW™ if my best friend has a problem with drinking?

Mr. Know-It-All Says: Your friend may have trouble remembering things, have problems at school or with the police, or they may lie about how much they drink, or think they have to drink to have fun. If you think there’s a problem, use your KNOW Power and tell someone who can help, like your teacher, a pastor or other adult.

Q: Why is drinking such a big deal if I only drink at parties and I never drink and drive?

Mr. Know-It-All Says: Alcohol rots your brain! It’s that simple. It can affect your coordination, memory and motor skills – that means you can’t control your arms and legs. It can ruin the things you love to do. Besides, how are you getting home from the party? Somebody’s got to drive.

Q: I can drive just fine when I drink. What’s the big deal?

Mr. Know-It-All Says: Wrong! That’s the alcohol talking, not you. You think a racecar driver drinks before a race? NO way!

Q: My boyfriend tells me I’m more fun when I’m drinking. It makes me feel more attractive too. How should I handle that?

Mr. Know-It-All Says: Tell him it makes you reek – both your breath, your body. And it makes you fat, stumble and slur your words. That’s attractive! Oh, and losing your lunch on the living room floor is glam, too.

Q: What can I say when my friends tell me I don’t KNOW what I’m missing?

Mr. Know-It-All Says: Ask them if they’ve ever jumped out of a plane without a parachute. Tell them you’re smart enough to KNOW some things are wrong without having to try them.

Q: One of my friends got really sick drinking at a party last night. It really freaked me out. What should I do if it happens again?

Mr. Know-It-All Says: Call 911 immediately. Violent vomiting is the first sign of alcohol poisoning. Alcohol poisoning happens when the body can’t absorb the alcohol as fast as it’s drunk. Your friend could die or go into a coma.

Q: I don’t want to look like a dork to my friends. How can I tell them I don’t want to drink?

Mr. Know-It-All Says: It’s okay to say no without an explanation. But if you need a reason, you could say, “Well pukin’ ain’t cool and neither is looking like a fool,” or just tell them you can have a good time without it, you don’t want to trash your fun.

Q: I am depressed all the time. I use alcohol just to take the edge off and forget my problems. That won’t hurt, will it?

Mr. Know-It-All Says: KNOW this! Alcohol slows down your system and causes you to be more depressed. And your problems will still be there when you stop drinking. Better to talk to a friend.

Q: The coach offered us some alcohol when we were over at his house the other day. It made me really uncomfortable, but if he thinks it’s okay what should I do?

Mr. Know-It-All Says: Tell another teacher or other adult and stay away from your coach’s house. He has a real problem if he is giving alcohol to kids. That’s just dumb!

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